Consultation is provided in the following areas:


1.    Compliance with FDA regulations and requirements, mainly the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), preparing companies to be FSMA-ready as:

  • Guidance on site standards to ensure safety and quality of the final product as per FDA’s guidelines

  • Providing technical assistance on the building and equipment layout, segregation of processes to prevent cross-contamination risks

  • Approaching HACCP from a preventive control perspective as required by FSMA

  • Provide ongoing support and information as it evolves, specific to food categories and industry sectors.


2.    Compliance to Global Food Safety Standards.  This includes technical consultation from the design phase of the manufacturing facility all the way to the certification to a GFSI-scheme as BRC and SQF:

  • Guidance on risk assessments and implementation of an effective HACCP plan.

  • Implementation of the Food Safety Manual with relevant documentation 

  • Setting up environmental monitoring program and allergen management programs and providing relevant trainings

  • Food fraud and adulteration risk management

  • Gap assessment to a GFSI scheme

  • Guidance through the final certification audit

  • Assisting in subsequent audits, closing non-conformities.









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