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Consultation is provided in the following areas:


  • Provide a GAP Analysis and pre-assessment to determine a company’s needs.

  • Develop a written program, with input from all levels of the organization.

  • Train staff in new policies and procedures, increasing their overall awareness.

  • Improve upon existing practices and procedures.

  • Find solutions to challenges or barriers for implementing a standards scheme.

  • Troubleshoot issues within an organization’s operation.

  • Set up documentation and proper record keeping procedures.

  • Assist in the preparation for pre-audits and audits.

  • Provide ongoing support and new standards information as it evolves.

  • Assistance in setting up sterilization systems upon demand, or ensuring that the existing systems comply with standards. Scope includes but is not limited to: Initiating the sterilization project, and working with the sterilization manufacturer for the successful launch of the operation;

  • Procedures specific to sterilization process to be written and integrated into the quality management system of the company

  • Assistance with the internal and external validation of the sterilization unit 

  • Training relevant staff member(s) on sampling methods for microbiology testing - quantity and methodology

  • Consulting on pre- and post-treatment hygiene and sanitation applied within the factory

  • Presentation of the value of sterilization to management, staff, and company's customers. 









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